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Twas Halloween Night at MacBeth’s Place

published by Alan Levine Nov 5, 2008 02:25am
We heard there was a great turnout for the Halloween party over at Virtual MacBeth. We got word of this great machinima by HVX Silverstar showing the dancing on the heath: And project lead Anya Ixchel (aka Angela Thomas) reports that they have done 20 tours over the last two weeks, averaging 2000 visits per day and more than double that on weekends. But more than parties, this place is a stunning example of creating a rich immersive experience in Second ... more...

Foul Whisperings, Strange Matters: Get Inside MacBeth’s Head

published by Alan Levine Oct 8, 2008 09:56am
We've done enough teasing leading up to this, so it is time to unveil the new sim NMC Virtual Worlds has been working on. You are invited this Saturday, October 11 at 5:00 PM PDT (check local time) for the launch of Virtual MacBeth or Foul Whisperings, Strange Matters: You can find Virtual MacBeth at: Virtual Macbeth is an island in Second Life which is dedicated to the exploration, adaptation and performance of Shakespeare's Macbeth. The island was designed by Angela Thomas ... more...

Escaping the Red Room

published by Alan Levine Oct 8, 2008 12:49am
I am sensing I am near the end of my exploration of this radical new NMC project. I have been all round this place that seems so far from 4 sided prim rooms in Second Life... it seems... alive. Today, I found myself in this murky red room, that I could not really find the edges. It had a sense of being almost womb like, yet was far from having a nurturing sense. The upper edges have some almost disturbing ... more...

Heard a Noise Above

published by Alan Levine Oct 4, 2008 04:24pm
I was wandering in this place, being drawn to the glow of strong daylight pouring in from above. Being cautious of climbing the stairs, as I almost expect to get trapped on some Escher-like endless set of steps, I am wondering about faint sounds emitting from above. The exploration here continues as I seek out who resides here. It is as if someone is here that I never see, and I wander places thinking are they just rooms or something more? ... more...

Spill The Wine

published by Alan Levine Oct 3, 2008 03:06pm
The new place of mystery shows sign of celebration, perhaps? Maybe the music playing is Eric Burdon and the Animals? Like everything in this place, there is more than just meets the eye, this new build by NMC Virtual Worlds will tease your senses. But it is more- there is embedded meaning here, not the kind where you click and it is dumped on you via a big fat note card. Like a well crafted film, everything in this places has ... more...

Someone Offers You Two Paths

published by Alan Levine Oct 1, 2008 06:00am
You enter a place of deep mystery, of sight and sound-- no it is not the Twilight Zone, but a new exciting build from NMC that will take you on an experience in Second Life like no other. Rather than marveling at a "build" or pretty textures you will lose yourself in an adventure as you enter someone else's mind... So maybe it is a Frostian choice of roads not taken, but is that path through the woods tranquil and full ... more...