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Howard Rheingold Keynotes Digital Media Symposium

published by Alan Levine Oct 21, 2006 05:11pm
Today at 11:00 AM was the headline event (well, actually, they all were!), but having Howard Rheingold in world for a keynote is definitely a high water mark for our Impact of Digital Media Symposium... 12 days of presentations, art, music, discussion, and interaction. We will have some stats to share soon, but our sensors recorded more than 1000 unique avatars came to NMC Campus during the Symposium. Howard Rheingold in RL (left, photo) and SL (right, avatar) presenting to NMC ... more...

MacArthur Foundation Press Conference Webcast to NMC Campus

published by Alan Levine Oct 19, 2006 05:14pm
This morning, the MacArthur Foundation held a press conference in New York City to announce their $50 million investments to support programs in digital media-- see Building the Field of Digital Media and Learning as well as the press release. These events were video streamed into the Gonick Ampitheater of NMC Campus, where up to 65 avatars listened in and generated a lot of back channel discussion. Audience gathered for MacArthur Foundation video streamed press conference Second Life view of the MacArthur panel ... more...

Symposium on the Impact of Digital Media

published by Alan Levine Oct 7, 2006 09:58pm
October 10-21, 2006 on the NMC Campus This month the NMC will host a 12-day symposium on the NMC Campus in Second Life focusing on the impact of digital media on all aspects of our daily lives. At the intersection of virtual 3-D space and the "flat-web" of the browser, virtual worlds like Second Life are active settings for collaboration and socialization. The Symposium on the Impact of Digital Media will explore the ways we encounter and understand digital media -- ... more...