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First Scientific Conference Held inside World of Warcraft

published by NMC Admin May 9, 2008 03:18pm
Starting today is a unique event running May 9-11 - Convergence of the Real and Virtual is the first scientific conference taking place in the MMORPG or World of Warcraft. Lest you think this is not serious, check out the Science article of April 18 by Gonzo Scientist John Bohannon titled Scientists, We Need Your Swords! This will not be your typical conference. Sure, there will be sessions devoted to various research topics involving virtual worlds, panel discussions, social activities, and ... more...

New Project: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

published by Alan Levine Sep 4, 2007 11:30am
NMC's Virtual worlds is starting a new project for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that is intended to bring real world data into Second Life, to provide a place for education and public outreach-- all in the CDC's goal to "be everywhere". See "Second Life" Lets CDC Be Everywhere—All at Once CDC´s work to advance public health means going where people are. As every virtual person represents a real person, CDC´s presence in Second Life offers yet another opportunity ... more...