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Open Content for Educators on Learning

published by Beth Sachtjen Aug 5, 2008 08:16am
Already one of the most popular locations on the NMC Campus, Learning offers some of the finest open-source educational content in Second Life. While the NMC has several resource centers on campus devoted to free items to outfit the avatar and teaching tools, Learning is a full sim of learning spaces, orientation kits, major buildings, classroom, and much more. Learning is the a culmination of over a years worth of development by NMC Virtual Worlds and was built in ... more...

NMC Virtual Learning Prizes Awarded

published by Alan Levine Jul 9, 2008 05:03pm
The New Media Consortium (NMC) has announced the 2008 cohort of Virtual Learning Prize (VLP) awardees. The NMC Virtual Learning Prize, part of a $100,000 competitive program of awards, is intended to create a collection of innovative open-source learning experiences that make use of the unique attributes of a virtual learning environment. The NMC Virtual Learning Prize is envisioned as a way to surface and realize creative ideas for how to make optimal use of a virtual setting, using ... more...