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NMC Rolls Out Orientation Island

published by Alan Levine Oct 10, 2007 09:49pm
After collecting a long list of suggestions from our communities for what to include in an Orientation Island experience, we are ready to have some early birds test out NMC Orientation, our new entry in Second Life designed specifically for students and educators. Our use of the Second Life Registration API allows us to have our own web site for creating new accounts and when these new users first log in to Second Life, they will find themselves at the ... more...

New Project: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

published by Alan Levine Sep 4, 2007 11:30am
NMC's Virtual worlds is starting a new project for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that is intended to bring real world data into Second Life, to provide a place for education and public outreach-- all in the CDC's goal to "be everywhere". See "Second Life" Lets CDC Be Everywhere—All at Once CDC´s work to advance public health means going where people are. As every virtual person represents a real person, CDC´s presence in Second Life offers yet another opportunity ... more...

Colorado Tech Grand Opening

published by Alan Levine May 30, 2007 10:18pm
Colorado Technical University (CTU) is holding a grand opening party for their new sim- the party is called "Bonfire" and will take place June 1-2 (from noon on Friday PDT to noon on Saturday). You can find CTU at Colorado Tech (128,128,0). From our colleague at CTU Lyr Lobo: Colorado Technical University is proud to invite you to Bonfire, our Second Life grand opening party June 1st-2nd (Friday noon - Saturday noon SL Time) featuring 24 hours of live music and celebration. ... more...