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Triple A Learning Opens NMC Cybercampus

published by Carol Pfeifer/Tayzia Abattoir Mar 6, 2012 09:18am
Triple A Learning, a company that produces online workshops for International Baccalaureate and other teachers, has opened a cybercampus on the NMC's Teaching 2 sim! Triple A's new Second Life location will be used in conjunction with training modules produced by David W. Deeds, a longtime NMC lessee and member, whose current school's virtual facilities are on the nearby sim of Teaching, also located on the NMC Campus. Their virtual campus participation is evidence that international school educators are becoming increasingly interested ... more...

Free OpenSimulator Quick Start Guide

published by Carol Pfeifer/Tayzia Abattoir Jul 18, 2011 01:22pm
We are happy to share a free OpenSimulator quick start guide created by one of our very own NMC Second Life community members, David W. Deeds, Ph.D., IT Manager/Teacher of the Changchun American International School. Although the main focus of NMC Virtual Worlds is in Second Life, we realize that many educators perhaps have interest in building a virtual space on an open simulator. Download it here. The PDF is free for anyone to use and repurpose. If you post it, please make ... more...