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Using objects with built in sounds?

published by Chris Holden Jul 28, 2009 04:13am
We promised some handy tips when we started this, so as i was working on sounds today and had to correct an SEP (Somebody Elses Problem) it seemed appropriate to blog about it... Whether you're making your own objects with sound effects or just laying out bought ones - such as waves or rain clouds, make sure ONLY ONE of them actually has the sound activated. Why ? Because when you have 2 or more identical sounds being played independently of ... more...

PowerPointing in Second Life? Think Different

published by Alan Levine Nov 30, 2006 10:40am
The Second Life Educators Listserv is a real must for those interested in teaching in Second Life-- the number of people getting involved has exploded and each day there are great shared ideas and discussion. The following was something I posted in response to someone looking for "how to present powerpoints" and "use audio" in SecondLife, part shared information, part opinion, open to comment. Bottom line, as we conceive activities to bring education in SecondLife, we ought to think differently about the ... more...

Streaming Audio in Second Life (we can all be radio stations)

published by Alan Levine Aug 20, 2006 10:43am
published originally at CogDogBlog.... As described a few barks back, in my work at NMC we've been exploring some audio technologies, primarily to bring live audio into our Second Life Campus. Because the audio channel in SecondLife that is tied to the "land" needs to be an MP3 url, you can either attach a fixed URl for a song/podcast you want everyone to hear, or have a live stream come in from a server. What may not be widely known, is that ... more...