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Now These are Building Tools!

published by Alan Levine Mar 6, 2009 06:34am
Check out the 3D tools and interface the man in this movie uses to build with! World Builder from Bruce Branit on Vimeo. Filmmaker Bruce Branit uses this environment to tell a touching short story. more...

Just Wait Until We Have Avatars Like Emily

published by Alan Levine Aug 21, 2008 07:31am
So you think your avatar is pretty lifelike? Are you ready to cross the uncanny valley? Meet Emily. The TimesOnline in the UK reports on Lifelike animation heralds new era for computer games. Image Metrics, a company that specializes in realistic facial animations (they also do the animations in Grand Theft Auto), have notched up the realism of computer generated characters. Emily started with a video of an employee just talking: then recreated the gestures, movement by movement, in a model. ... more...