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Current Land Prices

  • Prices as of Apr 14, 2014-- Great deals on NMC Campus!
  • 1024 sq m (32 x 32, 235 prims) US$100/yr
  • 2048 sq m (64 x 32, 469 prims) US$200/yr
  • 4096 sq m (64 x 64, 938 prims) US$400/yr
  • 8192 sq m (128 x 64, 1875 prims) US$800/yr
  • Quarter Sim (128 x 128, 3750 prims) US$1500/yr
  • Half Sim (256 x 128, 7500 prims) US$2800/yr
  • Full Sim (256 x 256, 15000 prims) US$5000/yr
  • See current land availability

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NMC Virtual Worlds is a Linden Lab Certified Gold Services Provider, and thus offers the full gamut of services, from designing and building deeply immersive learning experiences, to sophisticated terraforming and landscape design, to the development of customized learning experiences and specialized role-playing and other environments. Also available are consultation services, media hosting and streaming, and comprehensive meeting support. Browse our case studies for additional information.

NMC Virtual Worlds offers all of its services to educational institutions and museums on a cost-recovery basis, resulting in deeply discounted pricing compared to rates of for-profit virtual development firms. NMC member institutions enjoy an additional discount. We work hard to design a package for clients that will fit any budget. The NMC Campus Project supports this work via a wide range of open meetings and events, a program of fellowships, and a strong commitment to provide a portion of its services on a pro bono basis. Our goal is simple: we want to make virtual worlds like Second Life places where learning flourishes.

We have a very active program of development services, in which we have developed immersive virtual environments for nearly 150 colleges, universities, and schools. Many of these institutions are part of the nearly 100-sim NMC Campus Project, and many are featured in our comprehensive case studies.

In addition our broad slate of custom development and support services, NMC Virtual Worlds has built and operates nearly 30 educational communities — specialized islands just for educators and collocated within the NMC Campus Project — for teachers, researchers, or museum education staff to set up a virtual lab, classroom, or meeting space. These islands offer attractive plots to suit any need, and come equipped with a wide range of useful tools and learning-related features, including media, meeting spaces, tool and object repositories and more — and all the facilities of the NMC Campus are included as well. Plots are offered on a cost-recovery basis, and there is a fellowship program for individual educators whose budgets do not match their visions. The list of services provides full details on available sizes, prims allocations. Currently available locations and their costs are highlighted to the right. For more information, see our lease agreement forms below. To lease a parcel all that is needed is to complete one of these editable PDFs and email it back to us:

For a private consultation, or for additional information on any of our services or if you’d simply like to learn more about what we have to offer, please contact us.