nmc virtual worlds

Virtual Worlds Case Study:

Yale University Paper Mill

Virtual field trips for students into dangerous & restricted environments
This project for a team at Yale University was to create a virtual Paper Mill.


  • Accurate modeling of real world machinery, equipment.
  • Rich immersive environment using sound and movement.
  • Web hooks to additional information for students to study

Purpose: The faculty at Yale uses paper mills to illustrate industrial production processes in the real world. Unfortunately such plants are both dangerous and difficult to gain access to. The virtual paper mill serves as a substitute for student field trips.

In use: The paper mill was planned and built using extensive research to accurately recreate the scale & detail of the real thing. Each machine and stage of the process was accurately modeled and the use of sound & movement enhances the experience so the student can not only study the technicalities of the production process, but also gain a visceral sense of the industrial environment. Throughout the build are clickable web links to a purpose-built website where additional information is presented in a more appropriate form.

Field Trip Video