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Virtual Worlds Case Study:

University of Maryland Dental School

Virtual Dental School Provides Patient Relationship Role-Playing
The University of Maryland Dental School’s Virtual dental school contains a suite of tools aimed at dental role-playing scenarios, a conference hall, and a historical dentistry museum.


  • A forum for Dental Student communication training on important topics such as infection control and alleviating pediatric dentistry fears through simulations.
  • Authentic simulations on clinical procedures are fully customizable for any possible patient dental history or health scenario.
  • Interactive Dental Suites are equipped with rich media and customized character avatars to enhance role-play experiences.

cc licensed flickr photo shared by NMC Virtual Worlds

Purpose: The University of Maryland Dental School’s Virtual Dental School was designed as a tool that provides students with the opportunity to engage in authentic simulations, involving a variety of different patients and dental histories, as well as to practice clinical procedures and collaborate in research and discussion of the challenges in the field of dentistry with peers and faculty.

In Use: The UMaryland Dental School Island is equipped with a suite of dental tools to provide hands on classroom training in addressing patient concerns and relationships. Customized avatars and character-based dental histories further enhance serious role-playing experiences. The space also contains a traditionally styled lecture hall and a virtual conference center for future events. On the top level of the virtual version of UMaryland’s Dental building is a virtual museum, with several historical dentistry exhibits designed after those found in the National Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore.

Client Quote: Dr. Carroll Ann Trotman, Associate Dean, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, University of Maryland

Working with the New Media Consortium Virtual Worlds organization has been a very positive experience. They are very passionate about making learning fun and interactive. They are very attentive to our schools virtual dental school vision and understand the importance of having objects built to be exact and precise measure of the real world objects. We have had several faculty members using this virtual space for virtual lectures, role playing behavioral exercises, educating children and parents, and understanding the importance of infection control. The virtual dental school was built with the instructional use in mind. Our virtual community can now collaborate with other dentists anywhere, anyplace, anytime. The NMC Virtual Worlds built a virtual dental school that is able to simulate real world dentistry and give us the another very useful method to continue our mission to educate our students, staff and faculty.