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Virtual Worlds Case Study:

Shiloh Restoration Project

The aim of the virtual version of the Shiloh Community Restoration Project was to create two historical recreations; the Shiloh-Rosenwald School and the Shiloh Baptist Church.
This virtual environment provides a rich atmosphere to explore the virtually “restored” buildings, which are part of a real restoration project of National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Alabama Historical Commission.



  • Shiloh-Rosenwald School: The real Shiloh-Rosenwald school was one of six schools built around 1917 as part of the Rosenwald Foundation’s efforts: a partnership between Booker T. Washington and Julius Rosenwald, President of Sears and Roebuck to advance the state of education for Blacks in the South. In this project 5,300 rural schools were built with assistance from the local African American communities, donations of land and labor, and matched financial contributions from the Foundation. The Shiloh Rosenwald School is one of the last remaining of these structures and was put on a List of Eleven Endangered Places by the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 2002.
  • Shiloh Baptist Church: Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1870 as an African-American church in the post-slavery south. In 1932, the church was home to the infamous Tuskegee Syphilis Study, which recruited men for health-related research that would later be revealed as a government sponsored human subject test of the then incurable Syphilis disease