nmc virtual worlds

Virtual Worlds Case Study:

San Jac Texana

Virtual battlefield brings history to life.
This project created a virtual battlefield based on the real location of the historical Battle of San Jacinto.


  • Virtual Battlefield designed geographically from the real life place.
  • Custom Avatars and costumes of key historical figures as well as soldiers from each side of the battle.
  • Working cannons and replica weaponry.
  • San Jacinto Battle Monument and Visitor Center
  • Automated tours through programmed hovercraft.


Purpose: San Jacinto Community College and NMC Virtual Worlds collaborated to build a truly unique history lesson that provides a canvas for battle renactment, as well as an automated air tour to understand key points in the battle.


In use: While the “ground level” of this project is the battlefield location, a teleporter brings you to an overlooking visitor center and museum based on the San Jacinto Monument and Museum. Here one kind find information about the project and historical battle as well as collect an avatar from the library of relevant San Jacinto battle characters. The Visitors Center also includes a new user orientation, automated tour aircrafts, and a presentation space.