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NMC Conference Center

Virtual conferences engage a global audience & generate returns
This sim for theNew Media Consortium was designed, built and then refined over a number of years to serve as a venue for our regular on-line conference program.

Purpose: One of the roles of the NMC is to bring together its community of educators for the exchange and presentation of ideas in the field of new media. The real world Summer Conference attracts hundreds of participants, however it is not possible to run or attend such large events more frequently than once a year so in addition we host a number of virtual conferences. This enables an audience from around the world to attend where costs would otherwise be prohibitive, to enjoy live sessions with speakers from a similarly broad global base. These conferences also generate revenue for the NMC that not only cover the hosting costs, but also contribute to the funding of our other projects and publications.

In use: The sim was designed to facilitate a conference experience from start to finish. On entry we offer a fast orientation experience for people new to virtual worlds. Clear signage, conference programs, automated help desks and transport around the sim help over a hundred participants get where they’re going on time and without fuss. Rich media such as the display of streaming movies and web pages is available to the speakers, and the integration of other media technologies allow live streaming of the conference program out into the web and even two way interaction between conference participants and audience members unable to come in-world. Sensors & data collection tools help us better understand and organize future events. We have the experience of both building conference venues and successfully running virtual conferences to enable you to adopt a similar and proven successful model.