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Virtual Worlds Case Study:

Barnfield Academy

Custom sign up directs different age groups to appropriate grid
This project was carried out for a college with students falling into two age ranges requiring a presence in both the teen and adult grids.


  • Twin builds located in both the Teen Grid and Adult Grid.
  • Custom sign up developed using the Linden Lab Registration API.
  • Media streaming between different grids.

Purpose: Current restrictions placed on the Second Life platform require the segregation of young teens & adults to two separate grids. This project was developed to give Barnfield College an entry into virtual worlds while accommodating both age ranges and attempting to integrate the experiences across the two grids where possible.


In use: NMC uses the regAPI provided by Linden Lab to create custom sign up portals into the virtual world. In practice this meant Barnfield could direct students to it’s own sign up page which would send students directly, not only to their own island, but the instance of it in either the teen or adult grid depending on the students age. In world the student’s experience of the world is very much the same in either, subject to the restrictions imposed by Linden Lab. Although the exchange of content between grids is not allowed, approved adult teachers are able to log into either grid, and streaming media may be shared or even broadcast directly between the grids so all users can share events and experiences together.

SLURL: (Main Grid)