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NMC Virtual Worlds
NMC Virtual Worlds, a not-for-profit program of the New Media Consortium, is the premier development services provider for educational institutions worldwide, and our clients include some of the most prestigious institutions found anywhere. Our mission is simple: to make it easier for colleges, universities, schools, and other learning-focused institutions to use virtual worlds. That includes support for everything from the largest and most innovative builds in virtual space to developing educational communities for individual faculty and small departments to explore.

Our Design Philosophy
Our design philosophy is rooted in our desire to help our clients to create successful, long-term projects that not only meet the needs they anticipate, but those they do not. On all of our projects, the designers at NMC Virtual Worlds work carefully with prospective clients to design solutions that precisely meet their needs. Careful research and ongoing dialog are hallmarks of the process.

With four years of experience in working with hundreds of educational clients, NMC Virtual Worlds has developed a unique approach to design that immerses the client in their vision very quickly, and allows large scale elements like sight lines and the overall feel of a build to be experienced early in the process, and adjusted as needed to create just the right feel. Once the large scale elements of the build are situated, the immersive aspects of the build begin. These can be visual, interactive, or media-based, and often a combination is crafted. On a project like Virtual Macbeth, for example, the soundscape was an essential element in creating a completely immersive feel, but it was also integrated with the desolate feel of the landscape.

At the core of our design philosophy is to create immersive experiences that can grow over time, and that can be easily modified by the client to enable different functionalities. If a quest is part of the plan, for example, the elements of the quest can be easily reconfigured by the client to add new features or dimensions. Media elements are designed to allow for easy changes. We do the detailed scripting to allow you to configure the interactive elements of your build at will.

NMC is a Gold Solution Provider
 NMC Virtual Worlds is a Gold Solution Provider, certified by Linden Lab as adhering to the highest standards of professionalism and skills. We are unique among that group, as we are a not-for-profit agency, focused on meeting the needs of educational institutions effectively at low cost. Bona fide educational institutions receive a discount on services, and NMC member institutions receive other benefits as well.

Our 100-sim NMC Campus Project is available to educators worldwide as a place to explore new ideas, see some of the latest applications in practice, and even to hold events. The NMC Campus Observer chronicles the myriad of activities that take place there.

The case studies at the right illustrate a range of projects that showcase uses of virtual worlds from medical simulation to video production, real world meeting support, high-level academic meetings, role playing, assessment methods, educational gaming, interactivity, deep immersion, architectural and planning support, and much more.

Please take a few moments to browse the case studies. Each is a rich doorway into the potential of virtual worlds and chosen to highlight some of the many ways these spaces can be used to support learning and education.

If you have questions, or would like a tour of any of our projects, please contact us. We’d love to help you realize your vision for virtual worlds.