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  • I am Vice President Community and CTO for the New Media Consortium.

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SL Pro! Opens Tomorrow

published by Alan Levine Feb 22, 2010 05:48pm
cc licensed flickr photo shared by NMC Second Life SL Pro!, a conference for professional Second Life® content creators, opens tomorrow. The NMC was contracted by Linden Lab® to run the logistics and host the conference. So far, more than 200 people have registered for this three day event that we describe elsewhere as: SL Pro! will provide a forum to join in conversations with Lindens like T and Babbage, artists such as AM Radio and Stella Costello, innovative builder/scripters such as ... more...

Results of New NMC Two Minute Survey on Virtual Worlds

published by Alan Levine Feb 12, 2010 03:01pm
Recent results for the NMC Two Minute Survey on What's Happening in Virtual Worlds have been tallied and posted at Also available is a 10-page listing of educational projects submitted by respondents. Some highlights include: The data indicate that virtual worlds have moved through the bulk of the hype surrounding them, and are now at the point where we are beginning to see real success, albeit also at a much more realistic level that early visions imagined.  Most survey respondents ... more...

Land Ho! See What We Have At NMC

published by Alan Levine Aug 31, 2009 07:45pm
As hopefully you know, one of NMC Virtual World's main services is renting parcels of Second Life land on the NMC Campus to educational organizations (see an overview of our Educational Communities). If you are interested in finding a spot, we have a great new tool on our web site-- a tool to scout what is currently available. If you visit our land availability page, you will see a sample of plots available (currently this is not everything, but soon we will ... more...

Gallery of In World Event Posters

published by Alan Levine Jul 29, 2009 12:28pm
Since the April 2006 launch of the NMC Campus in Second Life, we have hosted a wide range of virtual events, art shows, performances, conferences, etc. We have just compiled a collect of posters and photos of our past events as a web-based gallery at Each time you reload this web page, the order of the poster icons is shuffled. You can click any one to explore in more details, such as the poster for the launch of Virtual ... more...

NMC Campus Featured in Linden Lab Case Study

published by Alan Levine Apr 16, 2009 09:43pm
There is a new Second Life Case Study created together by the NMC and Linden Lab. Announced today at the EduScape Blog as "Behind the Scenes of The NMC: The Largest Education Project in Second Life", the study aims to capture the breadth of the NMC's 3 years of experiences in Second Life. As most of you know, The New Media Consortium (NMC), a non-profit consortium of learning-focused organizations founded in 1993 with nearly 300 college, university, and foundation members, has ... more...

Now These are Building Tools!

published by Alan Levine Mar 6, 2009 06:34am
Check out the 3D tools and interface the man in this movie uses to build with! World Builder from Bruce Branit on Vimeo. Filmmaker Bruce Branit uses this environment to tell a touching short story. more...

Peeking at Orientation

published by Alan Levine Feb 9, 2009 11:23am
I was flying around the other day checking out the many new changes for NMC Campus (more on that shortly, but I am thinking this is NMC Campus 3.0!) when I saw a cluster of green dots on NMC Orientation. Sure enough, this looked like a class or group getting into SL for the first time, and it was fun to watch the baby avatars walk, talk, and dress themselves ;-) Since July of 2007, the NMC has offered our own web ... more...

NMC Symposium Opens with Reception

published by Alan Levine Nov 5, 2008 05:35am
The twelfth in the series of NMC Virtual Symposia, Rock the Academy: Radical Teaching, Unbounded Learning, opened last night at NMC Conference Center with a nicely attended reception. This fourth of these online conference held completely in Second Life, Rock The Academy is intended to explore the ideas and activities that are changing/revolutionizing the shape of education today. With some meeting and greeting, NMC staff welcomed attendees from as far away as Hong Kong, Australia, and Austin ;-) and one ... more...

Twas Halloween Night at MacBeth’s Place

published by Alan Levine Nov 5, 2008 02:25am
We heard there was a great turnout for the Halloween party over at Virtual MacBeth. We got word of this great machinima by HVX Silverstar showing the dancing on the heath: And project lead Anya Ixchel (aka Angela Thomas) reports that they have done 20 tours over the last two weeks, averaging 2000 visits per day and more than double that on weekends. But more than parties, this place is a stunning example of creating a rich immersive experience in Second ... more...

NMC Campus 2.0

published by Alan Levine Nov 3, 2008 08:04am
The original NMC Campus opened on April 20, 2006 (so many prims ago!) as our first step in exploring the potential of this 3D virtual worlds as a collaboration space. Fast forward from one sim with some buildings and events to more than 80+ sims in the NMC Campus region, and much has changed. Over the next few weeks, the NMC Virtual Worlds team is finishing up some changes to the original sim. The Aho Museum, with all of its detailed ... more...