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Gone are the days when a presence in the Virtual World amounted to the recreation of an iconic real world building and a press conference announcing an organizations arrival in ‘Virtual Reality’.
Our projects allow institutions to do things that are not possible in other environments. These projects break new ground with pedagogy, with science and research, generate new forms of knowledge and understanding — and produce proven returns!
Every project is developed from the virtual ground up around well defined goals and outcomes: the proven augmentation of course curricula for student classes, the application of real science in research projects, cost savings and revenue generation from projects and events that benefit from both the lower costs and global reach of the online, virtual world…


NMC Virtual Worlds is a program of the New Media Consortium, an international 501(c3) not-for-profit consortium of hundreds of world-class colleges, universities, and research centers. The mission of NMC Virtual Worlds is to help learning-focused organizations to explore the potential of virtual spaces in a manner that builds on community knowledge, is cost-effective, and ensures high quality. NMC Virtual Worlds provides a palette of premium custom services for education and training, and conducts an ongoing series of events, conferences, and programs.

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The NMC Virtual Worlds team includes knowledgeable educators who have worked a collective 60 years on college and university campuses, in roles from faculty to administration, instructional design to technical support, and CIO to president. Linkages to professionals at NMC member campuses and museums extend that expertise into any subject domain.

Added to that real world expertise is the virtual world expertise of Second Life’s most accomplished designers, builders, architects, scripters, and artists. Together, the NMC Virtual Worlds team can realize any vision that an educational institution may have, building the desired experience literally from the ground up.

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The home of NMC Virtual Worlds is the NMC Campus, considered the premiere educational destination in Second Life. The nearly 100 sims comprising the NMC Campus estate are the home of a wide range of educational tools, services, and meeting spaces, as well as a functioning museum and library, and much more — all provided to educators at no cost.