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Saying goodbye to the NMC Art Sims…

published 25.Aug.12 by Carol Pfeifer/Tayzia Abattoir

Sadly, it is time to say goodbye to the sim that houses the Aho Museum(NMC Campus West) & the sim of Ars Simulacra.  Both sims, provided by the New Media Consortium, have showcased some of the finest artists Second Life has to offer since 2006.

Please join us as we celebrate the past 6 years of creativity, imagination and celebration of the arts.  We will travel down memory lane and visit art from as early as  2004 to current day art in SL.  Our celebration begins at 6pm slt, Sunday  August 26th.  We will take time to explore the two sims, reminisce and listen to some fantastic music.

At 7pm slt, we have invited the musician Andreus Gustafson aka Anj to perform at the stage on Ars Simulacra.   Anj is a vocalist and multi-instrumental performer.   He has performed in Second Life since the summer of 2007.  Musical styles include alternative, pop and progressive rock with a definite electronica influence.

The Aho Museum on NMC Campus West will house art from 2004-2006.  As you travel north to Ars Simulacra, the art featured will be art created from 2007-2012.

Special thanks go out to Larry Pixel, aka Dr. Larry Johnson, CEO of the New Media Consortium.  Dr. Johnson provided the vision for the NMC Campus in Second Life as well as the two art sims to showcase SL resident art.

Thanks go as well to builders and artists CJ Carnot, Stella Costello, Ravenelle Zugzwang, Forseti Svarog and dozens of others who have been involved in creating the beautiful spaces on both sims.

At its largest point, the NMC Campus Project spanned a total of 110 sims. Today, the project still hosts more than 50 sims where some 75 universities deliver courses and educational programs on a continuing basis.  Art has always been a part of the project — the Aho you see today is the second museum to stand on that spot, and was designed by CJ Carnot.

The original Aho Museum was designed and built by Forseti Svarog, and opened on the very first day the NMC Campus Project opened to the public in June, 2006.  In 2007, Tayzia Abattoir assumed the post of Curator, and has guided the collection for nearly six years.

Please join us at the entrance of the Aho for this special occasion, we would love to see you there!