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Welcome Colegios Peterson!

published 08.Aug.12 by Carol Pfeifer/Tayzia Abattoir

David W. Deeds, Ph.D., who has headed up several inworld campuses already,  has now brought Colegios Peterson to join our NMC Campus. Dr. Deeds, the Educational Technology Coordinator at Colegios Peterson in Mexico, shared that they will be using the inworld campus parcels for Information Technology in a Global Society (International Baccalaureate course), Cybernetics (National Autonomous University of Mexico course), as well as teacher professional development.

He noted that they have four campuses in different parts of Mexico City, so they will also be used as the mutual meeting place so they do not have to bother with traffic. Virtual meeting spaces such as this one save a lot of  time and hassle when it comes to travel. Kudos on the development of the new inworld campus goes out to Dr. Deeds and Colegios Peterson!

As we were chatting, David was developing the parcels preparing for an inworld meeting this coming Friday, August 9th 2012.  Below are a couple of photos of  the meeting space being set up until they have time to further develop the parcels.

In a virtual world like Second Life, yes you CAN rez a space age “Jetsons” looking building for a meeting! Colegios Peterson can be found on the sim of  Teaching 6.

If you are interested in a virtual campus of your own, check out the virtual properties that the NMC Virtual Campus has to offer.