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Let’s Talk Sustainability

published 17.Jan.12 by Carol Pfeifer/Tayzia Abattoir

Global Kids held their second talk show in the virtual world of Second Life on Friday January 13th, where students produced and presented a live show to audience members. The  show delved into the important issues of electronic waste  and climate change.

Student hosts Jackie and Javon are in the 11th grade. They presented material, introduced guest speakers (Delia Lake-SL and Makayla-SL), asked questions of the audience members and included fun, interactive games where audience members were encouraged to move about and participate.

Using various props such as a globe, a plant with scripted “gasses” to demonstrate how more carbon dioxide is escaping into the atmosphere rather than being absorbed by trees, videos, ppt presentations, ice melting in water,  notecard givers, and game/quiz stations  inside Second Life, they discussed and demonstrated the difference between the terms Global Warming & Climate Change and the harmful effect that e-waste has on our environment.

Over 20 people were in the audience and participated in the talk show presentation. Kudos to the student producers, hosts, and all involved in these wonderful, informative shows!  We will post a video of the presentation in the near future so stay tuned!

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