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Join Global Kids for their Upcoming Live Second Life Show!

published 10.Jan.12 by Carol Pfeifer/Tayzia Abattoir

Global Kids will once again gather in Second Life to produce and take part in a live virtual world talk show called “Let’s Talk Sustainability.”

We would love for you to take part in Let’s Talk Sustainability as audience members,  this Friday, January 13th from 5pm-6pm EST.

There will be two separate shows/topics occurring back-to-back:

Climate Change – What is the science of climate change?  Are there solutions to climate change that we can take action on now, or is it too late?

Electronic Waste – What is  e-waste and why is it the United States’ biggest export?  What are the global consequences of e-waste, particularly for developing countries?

Join us at the New Media Consortium Convention Center for these two exciting live shows!

To participate as audience members, please fill out this form.