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Let’s Talk Sustainability: An Invitation to all SL Educators & Students

published 03.Nov.11 by Samantha Adams

Global Kids has just launched a virtual talk show that we are so excited about!

Let’s Talk Sustainability is an intensive youth development program that supports high school youth to develop expertise regarding sustainability, online broadcasting, and virtual world construction. Global Kids youth in New York City combine this expertise to produce a talk show, featuring live interviews with scientists and other STEM-related professionals, pre-produced videos, and game show-like activities.

This talk show is a virtual talk show, filmed before a live studio audience with TreetTV in Second Life, and is archived with downloadable materials that reach a broader audience and classrooms around the world. Each talk show is designed to introduce their audience to what professionals are doing in these fields and showcase what youth can do today to live in a more sustainable world.

Global Kids is looking for audience members for the talk shows, which will be aired through December 2011. They would like all educators in Second Life to consider bringing their students to be a part of the audience. Sign up here to be in the audience!

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