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Educators in Second Life: Arizona State University

published 21.Sep.11 by Carol Pfeifer/Tayzia Abattoir

Dr. Mary Stokrocki, Professor of Art Education at Arizona State, is another NMC educator using Second Life as a platform for education.

Dr. Stokrocki shares, “I use my Art Ark site on the  NMC Campus in Second Life for teaching and research in several ways:”

A.  I bring my undergrads here for a 3-hour class, like an introduction teaser in the educational possibilities of Second Life.  My site shows sculptural forms of architecture.

B.  I formulate my teaching as a series of art quests. I start at my Ark with its Turkish oriental rug where students describe, analyze, interpret,  and judge the rug while searching for its treasures. My Art Ark Sign is linked to a blog so the students can click it and open the blog in their browser.

C.  My graduate class is called Digital Ethnography and students meet in teams in a series of  quests, one of which is to interview 2 avatars. They also record behaviors and analyze their chat.  Their final project is a Powerpoint of their findings in stages.

D.  I recently finished my Art Ark Mission that I will be putting  on my whiteboard as a slide show in Second Life.

E. This all points to my research in Digital Ethnography and I completed 4 major related studies.

> Visit the Art Ark site.

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