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Educators in Second Life: Middlebury College

published 17.Aug.11 by Carol Pfeifer/Tayzia Abattoir

Our educators were asked to share how they are using Second Life as an educational tool, and in the coming months we will report on their exciting projects.


Professor Maria Wololson & Joe Antoniole the Manager of Web and Interactive Media of Middlebury College did a presentation on our Middleverse project at a conference in Madison.

The project consisted of constructing a virtual social space for language acquisition. One of the questions answered in their presentation was why use virtual worlds? View the slideshow to find out the answer, and check out more presentations from Joseph Antonioli.

Middlebury not only utilizes Second Life for Language Acquisition, but they are also teaching students government.

The Terra Project is a virtual state simulation run by Professor Quinn Mecham of Middlebury College.┬áThe citizens — or students — of the Terra Project log in to Second Life in order to run for office, vote, make and enforce policy, and perform other functions of government, all within the virtual environment.

Middlebury is located on the sim of Teaching 6 on the NMC Campus.

Interested in a Virtual Worlds space of your own? Check out the available properties that the NMC Virtual World Campus has to offer.