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Open Content for Educators on Learning

published 05.Aug.08 by Beth Sachtjen

Already one of the most popular locations on the NMC Campus, Learning offers some of the finest open-source educational content in Second Life. While the NMC has several resource centers on campus devoted to free items to outfit the avatar and teaching tools, Learning is a full sim of learning spaces, orientation kits, major buildings, classroom, and much more.

Learning is the a culmination of over a years worth of development by NMC Virtual Worlds and was built in response to many faculty member’s requests for a sim wide resource center with content specifically pertinent to educating in Second Life.

Here is a sampling of what you can find.:

NMC Modular Building system, created by CJ Carnot, which can be easily used to create buildings and rooms of any size by connecting together what are essentially “unit blocks”:

The NMC Amphitheater, an event and presentation space with built in screens and room for 80 avatars which appeared first on NMC Campus (and is still actively used there) as the Gonick Amphitheater.

For a unique presentation venue, try the NMC Coliseum, an “in the round” approach to an event and presentation space, which has been used in many of our symposiums in Second Life (The Cooper Coliseum and NMC Conference Center) and seats up to 96 avatars.

If you are looking for something smaller, look for the NMC Mini-theaters, which seats 48 avatars and is scripted to sink below ground with a click when not in use.

As aids to new users, get a copy of the NMC Orientation Kit, based on NMC’s own Orientation with everything you need to build a basic version of your own.

We also offer a copy of Stephane Zugawang’s Virtual Reality Room, an immersive photo realistic environment free for educational and non-profit use.

And there are many more items in the NMC One Linden Store, where you can purchase hundreds of items made by NMC Virtual Worlds for 1L$ (the fee is just so we can track the usage- it costs you less than 3 cents!). You can find everything from classroom and library furniture to entire avatars in professional attire.

We hope you find useful items at Learning. Stop by and fill up your inventory! Find us at