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Colorado Tech Grand Opening

published 30.May.07 by Alan Levine

Colorado Technical University (CTU) is holding a grand opening party for their new sim- the party is called “Bonfire” and will take place June 1-2 (from noon on Friday PDT to noon on Saturday). You can find CTU at Colorado Tech (128,128,0).

From our colleague at CTU Lyr Lobo:

Colorado Technical University is proud to invite you to Bonfire, our Second Life grand opening party June 1st-2nd (Friday noon – Saturday noon SL Time) featuring 24 hours of live music and celebration. Many thanks to the New Media Consortium’s (NMC’s) Virtual Worlds team who designed Colorado Technical University’s Second Life campus.

Several of my student projects from our computer science classes, including the Amusement Park and the Maze Game Traps, will be out on the Boardwalk for you to enjoy. I presented them at the Best Practices in Education in Second Life conference May 25th. As you review these projects, think back to your first days in SL and what you were building. *smiles* I wasn’t making Amusement Park Rides or a Duck Shoot during my first week or two in SL and I am very proud of my students’ accomplishments. *grins*

Everyone is invited to Bonfire and we hope to see you! *cheers* The party lasts 24 hours, so drop by at a time that is convenient for you.

This event is hosted by a variety of talented folks and sponsors, including Flameheart Sol and Konny Kembla. Many thanks to our organizers!

Welcome Center for Colorado Tech

The “Boardwalk” is a place to display SL projects created by CTU students.

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