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MacArthur Foundation Press Conference Webcast to NMC Campus

published 19.Oct.06 by Alan Levine

This morning, the MacArthur Foundation held a press conference in New York City to announce their $50 million investments to support programs in digital media– see Building the Field of Digital Media and Learning as well as the press release.

These events were video streamed into the Gonick Ampitheater of NMC Campus, where up to 65 avatars listened in and generated a lot of back channel discussion.

Audience gathered for MacArthur Foundation video streamed press conference

Second Life view of the MacArthur panel discussion

And we within SL were connected to the event– a number of times, the New York audience saw on screen the view that was going in within our gathering. So this made it interesting when this was streamed back to Second Life as we saw ourselves!

From NMC Campus, Lyr Lobo asks a question to the panel in New York, all of wish is streamed back to NMC Campus

Getting a better view of Henry Jenkins

danah boyd discusses the process of blogging from a conference meeting

We do have an audio recording (95 minutes long) captured from the press conference (see below for links) and you can view see a flickr slide show with much of the action.

And this is just the beginning of many great things for the field of new media.

Press Conference Audio Podcast

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