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Artists on the Green

published 13.Aug.06 by Alan Levine

We had quite the turnout yesterday for our Artists on the Green event, where both art and its creators were both assembled on NMC Campus to dialogue about art in Second Life.

Co-host Sasun Steinback welcomes attendees to the event

Our panel session with Second Life audieoces ran for almost an hour, and for many it was the first time to pair the voice with the avatar– we were able to bring in the artists by teleconference and Skype and broadcast it via streaming audio to the Gonick Theatre music channel (a chat transcript is also available).

Artists on the Green Panel Discussion
Backstage view of panelists and audience


Before and after, we ran some videos of SL machinima and other videos on the main auditorium screen, including:

Artists on the Green Machinima Watching
Watching “Lip Flap” on the big screen

Look for many more photos in our flickr slide show for this event. Below you will also find the recorded audio from the panel session.

Panel Session Podcast

Audience view of panelists

Thanks again to all the artists who shared their work and ideas here on the NMC campus.