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Live From Cleveland!

published 12.Jun.06 by Alan Levine

At the Friday night session at the NMC 2006 Summer Conference, we were fortunate enough to have as guests on our real world, Giff Constable and Sara Van Gorden of the Electric Sheep Company, part of the creative team that built the NMC Campus.

We were able to bring this session in live to the NMC Second Campus as a video stream displayed on the big screen of the Gonick Amphitheater:


Our session started with a newly produced video “NMC Campus: Seriously Engaging” that provides an overview of Second Life and the NMC Campus (coming soon online). Giff than gave a wonderful tour, highlighting some of the interesting social aspects of Second Life. Then Sara jumped up to our Sandbox (in the sky), a place that we can practice building objects and things, and our audiences got a flavor for what it takes to “build” in second life (simple primitive shapes, or “prims” and applied textures generated from PhotoShop.

We have more photos and the audio recording from this session…

More photos from the June 9. 2006 session:

Remote participants seated in the Gonick Amphitheater, of all shapes and hair lengths, are listening in to the main session

For a demonstration in the sandbox, Cory Edo has set up these nnicely arrange “prims” to demo how complex things in Second Life are made from simple objects

Remote participants are engaged in chat discussion in the NMC Sandbox.

Guest Danielle Damone takes a few of us for a spin on her magic carpet ride.

Recorded podcast:

Originally reported in the NMC Campus Observer